Questions & Answers

What does FSI do?

We stretch form & fabricate metal aircraft & aerospace components. Tool Manufacturing. STR. Blocks - Form Dies - Blanking Tools, etc.

What is Stretch Forming?

A unique process of forming various metals into special shapes using specialized equipment & dies.

What shapes can be formed?

Angles, beams, sheet and tubular shapes & extrusions.

What about fabrication?

Besides having extensive knowledge in stretch forming, FSI's fabrication shop can provide finished components to customer specified requirements.

What metals can be formed?

Aluminum, stainless & nickel based steels and titanium.

Where are you located?

Forming Specialties is located at 1309 West Walnut Parkway, Compton, California, 90220, approximately ten miles south of downtown Los Angeles.

What about FSI's Quality Control Systems?

We are certified to AS9100D and ISO 9001:2015 and D6-82479 (Boeing). We impose the same quality standards on our Sub-Tier suppliers.

What is FSI's aerospace experience?

FSI has approved supplier status with B.F. Goodrich (Rohr), TRW, Vought, Roll Forming Corp., Boeing (all divisions), Lockheed Martin (all divisions), Northrop Grumman, and many major subcontractors.

Why should FSI be used rather than another source?

SERVICE! Our experience in precision metal forming, along with the highest quality standards, provides the kind of superior product demanded by Aircraft & Aerospace customers: Delivered on time, every time.

How can I obtain additional information or quotes on FSI's forming and fabrication service?

Simply call us at 310.639.1122 or email us, we're here to help!