The Right of Entry Provision shall allow the supplier, Forming Specialties, Inc., Forming Specialties, Inc.’s customers, and regulatory agencies to determine and verify the quality of work, records, and material at any place, including the plant of the subcontractor. (Applicable to all suppliers)


Initiating of any of the processes, the furnishing of any product or materials, or acceptance of any payments constitutes unconditional acceptance by the seller. (Applicable to all suppliers)


Cancellation shall remain the right of the buyer and may be initiated at any time. (Applicable to all suppliers)


Price as shown on this order covers all goods and services to be provided by the seller as specified in this order. These prices also cover all charges for packaging, containers, and transportation unless specifically depicted otherwise on the face of the order. (Applicable to all suppliers)


The seller agrees to furnish the applicable material safety data sheets (MSDS) with each shipment of products designated by industry, state, local, or federal agencies as hazardous material. (Applicable to all suppliers)


Upon acceptance of a Forming Specialties Purchase Order, the supplier agrees that FSI is entitled to be reimbursed for labor and material costs associated with the seller responsible non-conformances and damages. Seller agrees to notify FSI as soon as it has been determined that a nonconformance or damage exists which prohibits the seller from fulfilling the Purchase Order requirements even if the product has already been returned to FSI. Seller must notify FSI in writing detailing the nonconformance and also agrees to retain the product until it receives written instructions from FSI on how to proceed. (Applicable to all suppliers)


Shipment of goods or services under this order shall be F.O.B. as noted on the face of the order. Seller agrees to ship by the FSI instructions. (Applicable to all suppliers)


Amendments to this order or FSI terms and conditions shall be set forth in writing via P.O. change notice and/or by revision to the terms and conditions. FSI will consider seller’s request to modification of, or exception to, only if such request is made in writing prior to acceptance of the order. (Applicable to all suppliers)


The seller is responsible to ensure adequate care is utilized with their facility when maintaining FSI supplied tools. Any damages to the tooling while in the care of the seller shall be reported to FSI in writing. At that time, FSI shall make disposition of the damage prior to any additional processing by the seller. No rework to damaged tooling shall take place without written authorization from FSI. Special tool requirements per D950-11059-1 and E000 (as applicable). (Applicable to Chem Mill & Machining suppliers)


Schedule for delivery will be the responsibility of the seller. The seller will not be held liable for damages in respect to delivery delay due to causes beyond the seller’s reasonable control. However, if the seller does not meet the delivery date as depicted on the face of the order, the buyer may approve a revised delivery schedule or terminate the order without liability for such termination. (Applicable to all suppliers)


Packaging of product shall be in accordance with the FSI Purchase Order or best commercial practice to protect from damage and/or deterioration. (Applicable to all suppliers)


Flowdown of all requirements listed on the Purchase Order and on these Terms and Conditions must be further flowed down to all sub-tier suppliers involved in the procurement of the order.


The supplier shall comply with the FSI Q.A. system requirements as specified by the FSI Supplier Survey or Purchase Order. Supplier agrees to implement and maintain the quality or inspection system during the performance of this order. An authorized Certificate of Conformance is required with each shipment. Process suppliers shall furnish a complete Certificate of Conformance with each shipment indicating P.O. number, specification number(s), revision level, name of supplier, and quantities accepted/rejected. Material suppliers shall furnish chemical/physical test reports with each shipment identifying the applicable specification and revision level, the actual chemical composition and physical properties, melt, heat, batch, or lot. Additional FSI quality requirements apply when referenced by the P.O. The supplier is not authorized to perform material review action of nonconforming material. NOTE: This clause does not apply to orders for FSI non-deliverable goods or services. The supplier shall maintain suitable inspection and test reports to serve as evidence of conformance with specified requirements. Such records shall be legible and traceable to identify the product, material, or batch. These records shall be maintained for a minimum period of ten (10) years. (Applicable to all suppliers)



The supplier shall implement a Q.A. system in compliance with ISO 9001 or SAE AS 9100/9102 or AS 9120. (Applicable to all suppliers)


Material Suppliers must furnish material certifications to the P.O. requirements, and shall not supply material for which they are not certified or approved. When noted on our purchase orders, raw material supplied must be USA Domestic Material. (Applicable to Raw Material suppliers)


The supplier and the supplier subcontractors shall meet and maintain a calibration system in compliance with ISO 10012 or ANSI Z540-1. (Applicable to all suppliers)


The supplier shall perform and document a complete First Article Inspection (FAI) including 100% of blueprint or specification requirements. (Applicable to all suppliers)


FSI and/or customer source inspection is required prior to shipment from the supplier’s facility when required on a Purchase Order. (Applicable to all suppliers)


Government source inspection is required prior to shipment from the supplier’s facility if required or noted on a Purchase Order. (Applicable to all suppliers)


The supplier shall perform 100% inspection of the FSI noted characteristics. No sampling is allowed. Results shall be documented and provided with the shipment when required on a Purchase Order. (Applicable to Chem Mill & Machining suppliers)


Special Processors requiring NADCAP approval must maintain NADCAP approval and must notify Forming Specialties, Inc. immediately if approval is lost. (Applicable to Heat Treat, Chem Mill, Coating & NDT suppliers)


Supplier shall maintain records associated with the Purchase Order for at least ten years unless otherwise specified by contract. If Supplier closes or terminates business prior to record retention requirements being met, FSI shall be notified so a disposition of records can take place.


Supplier shall have methods in place for the detection and prevention of counterfeit materials, parts or products.


Supplier to ensure personnel are aware of the importance of ethical behavior, their contribution to product safety, and their contribution to product/service conformity.

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